This is my little hamster Sugarplum , she was used as a breeding hamster and was in a very unwell state when she was rescued , she now has a lot of excess skin which makes it a little awkward to move around but she finds ways around it and is a very adorable special … More SugarPlum


Here we have our little Mystic , she’s not a hamster but she certainly acts like one ,she’s a gerbil and we rescued her from someone who got bored of her ,she was so thin and scared but with weeks of tender loving care she came on in leaps and bounds . She loves digging … More Mystic


This is my little star ,she is very very shy and skittish She doesnt like been handled much , she came from a rescue so i adopted her and it’s the best thing i have done , she has a really great temprement and loves her fruit , biscuit and baby food , she only … More Star


This is little sparkle she is about 20 months old and is rather skittish ,she’s a little bit scared of been handled so when she has to have medicine it’s rather a big challange . She was rescued from someone who didnt want her anymore , it’s beyond me how people couldn’t want such a … More Sparkle


This is my little baby boy Atreyu , he is 2 year and 4 month old and has been through a lot of tough times . At the age of 5 months old he swallowed some garden pebbles so he was rushed in for emergency surgery and he had his retained testicle removed aswell and … More Atreyu


This is my little Topaz I rescued her from a mans home who was keeping her in a very small cage with no wheel ,toy’s or anything for her to play with , her bedding was grass from the garden . The day after I went for her I took her to the vets and … More Topaz


The first of my little hamster’s is Lunar She’s such an adorable little girl who nobody really wanted because she was old , she’s about 2 years and 7 months old and is such a beautiful golden colour with a smooth glossy coat , she waddles around like she hasn’t got a care in the … More Lunar

My Bio

My Bio Hi , My name’s Donna, I’m 32 and have always been interested in animals of all kinds. I’ve always wanted to rescue dogs and hamsters since I was a young child. Right now I have some very cute hamsters living with me. I will be posting more about each one and how they … More My Bio